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iLab, Hedco Neuroscience Building, USC
Los Angeles, California
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This is the website for Dr. Ali Borji at The University of Southern California.

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>> I have moved to the CS dept. at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee to start my new job as an assistant professor. I will no longer update this website.

Our paper "What do eyes reveal about the mind? Algorithmic inference of search targets from fixations" by Ali Borji and Marc Pomplun has been accepted in Journal of Neurocomputing. Stay tuned for the manuscript.

>> Call for papers in Elsevier journal of Signal Processing: Image Communication special issue on Recent Advances in Saliency Models, Applications and Evaluations. Here is the pdf file: CFP .

>> Invited abstract of our work "Human vs. computer in scene and object recognition" is accepted in CVPR workshop: "Vision Meets Cognition: Functionality, Physics, Intentionality and Causality" ( FPIC 2014).

>> What can we learn from comparing human and computer vision systems?! See our CVPR 2014 paper to find out the answer.

>> This is a selection of CVPR 2013 papers I went through quickly, for our lab lunch, about two months ago: Slides.[March 2013].

>> Salient Object Dataset.We now release annotations of the most salient object of the Bruce and Tsotosos dataset. 70 subjects were asked to draw a polygon around the most salient object of the scene. Data Exp. 2 (~ 650 K). This data can be used to overcome the limitations of current datasets which usually have one object at the center. Here is data of our first experiment: Data Exp. 1 (~ 300 K).

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Viterbi School of Engineering, Hedco Neuroscience Building University of Southern California (USC)
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