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Data/  14560  7 years  ehu  essage=Depth Channel minor changes
Mathematica/  13981  7 years  nnoori  solution for our simplified geometrical model for 3D calibration
bin/  10311  9 years  itti  General cleanup of the bin/ situation: * bin/ is now empty and will only contai...
devscripts/  15520  2 years  itti  bunch of fixes for ubuntu 15.10 and g++ 5.2.1
doc/  14292  7 years  pez  Added a doxygen page to show all the references to SimEvents in the codebase. Fo...
etc/  14767  7 years  siagian  Remove Mandriva only code, use general bash function. This script should works f...
matlab/  15508  3 years  itti  make all passes on ubu 14.10
packages/  15539  2 months  itti  updated
screenshots/  10982  9 years  itti  Split --vc-type into two options: --vc-type only selects the "major mode": Std ...
scripts/  15520  2 years  itti  bunch of fixes for ubuntu 15.10 and g++ 5.2.1
src/  15543  6 weeks  beobot  add support for smaller movies in psycho-monkey
tests/  14525  7 years  itti  updated tests that failed because of my change of the default PNG compression le...
COMPILING  11837  8 years  itti  updating to new server location
COPYING  204  16 years  itti  added formal copyright notice
Makefile.in  15495  4 years  itti  make all passes on ubuntu 13.10 if you disable (do not install) freenect and liv...
OBSOLETE  10982  9 years  itti  Split --vc-type into two options: --vc-type only selects the "major mode": Std ...
README  9395  10 years  lior  Fixed path to include inputs
TODO  9041  10 years  rjpeters  * A couple TODO items.
aclocal.m4  15541  7 weeks  beobot  from latest configue.ac
acsite.m4  15455  5 years  itti  update for ubuntu 12.10. Not sure who modified psycho-movie-fixicon2 but that co...
c++stdlib.h  14376  7 years  pez  Updated saliency to be compiled with gcc 4.6
config.h.in  15493  4 years  itti  bunch of updates to compile on ubuntu 13.10. More to come.
configure  15541  7 weeks  beobot  from latest configue.ac
configure.ac  15540  7 weeks  beobot  to get eyelink working on 16.04 using their latest sdk, add /usr/lib to LDFLAGS ...
deathlist.txt  13716  8 years  itti  obsoleted a bunch of old things
depoptions.in  15533  13 months  jetanner  Add executable to depoptions
mexopts.sh.in  14533  7 years  itti  ok, actually LDFLAGS and rpath, etc had no influence on the link priority for ma...

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