Regrading Policy for hw0

  1. Only for obvious mistake of the grader such as miscounting lost points.
  2. Only when you have explicitly stated the answers correctly but still lost point >= 0.5. (Please DO NOT argue "implied answers, etc.".)
    1. Please don't come for point loss less than 0.5
  3. Only when your code produces correct answers to all the input.
  4. Only when your files are unaltered to show the original date of last modification before due time.
  5. No argument such as "my document is excellent". (There has been no single documentation good enough; disappointing)
  6. No argument against the grading standard given below.

Grading Standard for hw0

Grey matter consists of neuron bodies at the outer surface of the brain (not limited to cerebral cortex, at the base of the hemispheres, and in the spinal cord).
Deep nuclei such as basal ganglia inside cerebral cortex and other deep nuclei in cerebellum are somas buried inside the brain, and are NOT grey because they are insulated.

2.1 no less than 0
depolarization due to Na+ channel opening(- .2),
repolarization due to Ka+ channel opening(- .2),
hyperpolarization due to Ka+ channel lengthy opening(- .2)

Magnetic moments are everywhere in the brain.  Neural activities deoxygenate hemoglobins to increase magnetic moment.  THIS change of gradient is detected by the fMRI machine.  More fresh blood inhences the opportunity of this deoxygenation to cause bigger change of magnetic moment.  More fresh blood itself is not a direct cause.

weighted sum (- .2)
discrete time (-.2)
firing at reaching the threshold or step function or all-or-none (-.2)
diagram (-.2)

weighted sum - weighted single input < threshold <= weighted sum

For no submission, no compilation, and no running, please do not touch your files and show the date to TA.
You may receive maximum 3 points back if he checks yours working.  Contact TA.
Test input file is given.  If you do not know why you lost points, please run it with your code.   You may look at the input and manually figure out what the answer should be.
(Do not alter the original so that the date is preserved just in case you need to show it to TA.)

1) mimnum 1 for any compiling and running implementation (with excellent documentation: minimum 2)
2) almost work :  mimimum 3 with poor doc, maximum 5 with good doc
3) semi work : minimum 2 with poor doc, maximum 4 with good doc
4) runs but does not work : minimum 1 with poor doc, maximum 3 with good doc
5) doesn't compile or doesn't run : maximum 1 with good doc

a) doesn't compile in aludra (-6)
b) no Makefile or no input file (-1)
c) doesn't behave correctly (-2.4 = 6x.4 with good doc. ; -5 with bad doc)
d) implement in simpler but comparable scheme (-1)
e) implement in simpler and brute-force scheme (-4)
f) doesn't run (-6)