Regrading Policy for hw2

  1. Request later than Sunday, Nov. 24 will not be accepted.
  2. Only for obvious mistake of the grader such as miscounting lost points.
  3. Only when you have explicitly stated the answers correctly but still lost point >= 0.5. (Please DO NOT argue "implied answers, etc.".)
    1. Please don't come for point loss less than 0.5
  4. Only when your files are unaltered to show the original date of last modification before due time.
  5. No argument against the grading standard given below.

Grading Standard for hw0

0 pt for no code submission (missing either softcopy or hardcopy).
-3 for not using NSL
-2 for incorrect use of train and run member functions
-5 for brute force implementation or incomprehensible code
minimum 4pts with code with decent reasoning and good documentation
minimum 2pts with code of decent reasoning.

Not using the specified equation to justify (-.5)
Lack of qualitative justification (-.5)
Wrong answer with careful justification (-1)
Wrong answer with poor justification (-2)

Graphs not strictly following guideline.(-.5)
Wrong graph (-.7)
Missing Graph.(-1)
Minimum 1pt with code

[Needs cases of two-landmarks and three landmarks.]
Missing a  case (-1)
Graphs not showing enough (-.3)
Graphs not strictly following guideline.(-.5)
Missing Graph.(-.7)