Questions and Answers

This page will only show general q and a.  All the detailed q and a concerning homework will be communicated through the class group email in Yahoo!.


Week of August 30, 2002


Q. How can I buy the textbook?
A. Teaching staff are working on photocopying the copy righted textbook. Soon you will be able to buy copies not real book at about $20. The USC bookstore does not have any copy left. Those serious about it may order it through online booksellers. A hardcover book may cost about $200.

Week of August 28, 2002

Q. How can I be sure whether I am seeing the most recent changes on the class web page ?
A. It is possible that your browser is displaying the class page from its cache. Use Reload button to force a reload. However this may not load the all the frames showing. For this, on Windows you can press the right mouse button on the frame and bring a menu where you can choose "Reload Frame". (For mac there should be something similar..)