Ram Nevatia: Computer Vision for Action Recognition

Reading Assignments: (all three are available from IEEE website, IRIS website or most easily from the cs674b website for s-02):

1. Hongeng, S., Brimond, F., Nevatia, R.,
Representation and Optimal Recognition of Human Activities, CVPR00(I:818-825).

2. Hongeng, S., Nevatia, R.
Multi-Agent Event Recognition, ICCV01(II: 84-91).

3. T. Zhao, R. Nevatia and F. Lv, Segmentation and Tracking of
Multiple Humans in Complex Situations, CVPR01
Three questions: (pick one and answer it in a one-page essay that you will hand in to Prof. Itti the monday following the talk, at noon in class):
1. What are the major sources of difficulty in recognition
of human activity by a computer?

2. How can an HMM be used effectively to recognize a class
of actions?

3. How can we effectively infer the coordinated activities
of multiple agents?