Fall 2004: CSCI-460 Artificial Intelligence

This web page is mostly for backup and reference purposes, as this course will be administered via the blackboard system at totale.usc.edu

Instructions on how to submit your homeworks can be found here. Please submit a HARDCOPY of the whoe thing in addition to the electronic submission, this will facilitate our TA's job.

Lectures: Thurs: 5:00pm-7:50pm in WPH-827.
Prerequisites: CS102L or CS455x
Instructor: Prof. Laurent Itti
  HNB-30A, (213) 740-3527, itti@pollux.usc.edu
  Office hours: Mon 2-4pm, HNB-30A.
Textbook: Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
  by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig
  ISBN 0-13-103805-2, Prentice Hall, 1995 (1st or 2nd edition OK).
Syllabus: [here]
Lecture Notes: [here]
Homeworks: [here]

Concepts and algorithms underlying the understanding and construction of intelligent systems. Agents, problem solving, search, representation, reasoning, planning, communication, perception, robotics, neural networks. Please see the class home page for a complete description and syllabus.

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