CSCI 597 Seminar in Computer Science Research

Mondays, 1:00-1:50pm, OHE-122

Spring 2004: Professor Laurent Itti,

                TA: Vidhya Navalpakkam,

CSCI 597 provides a series of expository lectures to introduce Ph.D. students to the breadth of research topics in CS (and, to some extent, beyond). The idea is to cycle through the subareas of USC research in CS each semester.

First-year Ph.D. Students are required to enroll for 1 unit of CSCI 597 for the first 2 semesters of the Ph.D. Program. (Applicable only to students enrolling in Summer of 2000 or later.)

See your grades here (Last updated 11/29/04)

Fall 2004TopicSpeaker StatusQuiz key
8/23Introduction, ethics, writing papersIttiOK  
8/30Computational modeling of human eye movementsItti ? 
9/6Labor day - NO CLASSN/AOKN/A
9/13How to get a Ph.D.Itti ? 
9/20Title TBAKempe OK 
9/27Display of Continuous Media in Wireless Networks of DevicesGhandeharizadeh OK 
10/4Title TBAYou ? 
10/11Title TBAMedvidovic ? 
10/18Title TBATambe OK 
10/25Modeling the mirror systemArbib OK 
11/1Title TBAShahabi OK 
11/8Title TBAHovy OK 
11/15Title TBAHobbs ? 
11/22Virtual InternetsTouch ? 
11/29Wrapup and how to write papersItti OK 

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