An explicit saliency map in monkey visual cortex?

This presents supplementary information for Figure 2 in our review article "Computational Modelling of Visual Attention" by Laurent Itti and Christof Koch, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, February 2001. In Figure 2 we describe an experiment by Gottlieb and colleagues (Gottlieb et al., Nature 1998;391:481-484) which specifically tests whether some neurons in area LIP respond to stimulus salience (rather, for example, than mere presence or absence of a stimulus).

In order to make the effect more readily observable on the Web, here we replaced the saccadic eye movement in Gottlieb et al.'s experiment by a shift of the entire display; so, the images below should be interpreted as being in retinal coordinates. The "Neuron's view" below simulate what is present in the retinotopic receptive field of a neuron, located to the right and about half-way down in the visual field; this represents one of the many neurons in area LIP Gottlieb et al. recorded from.

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There are three basic conditions in Gottlieb et al.'s experiment: