Research opportunities at iLab for students and postdocs

We are always interested in talented individuals who share our passion for basic research in computational neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering.

Successful applicants are typically expected to have a strong C++/Linux programming background, some computational neuroscience or neural engineering experience, some independent research leadership and publications, and some knowledge of the types of models which we have developed and distributed in the past. Some iLab members have joined the lab with a neuroscience/biology background, while others have joined the lab with a computer science/engineering background. All have become interdisciplinary experts in visual processing, attention, and other aspects of vision. All iLab members are expected to conduct research programs which include both an experimental component (e.g., psychophysics, eye-tracking, fMRI, single-unit electrophysiology, etc) and a computational component (e.g., data modeling, neural networks, neurally-inspired artificial intelligence, neuro-robotics, etc). All iLab members will develop an intimate knowledge of the basic neuroscience literature as well as of additional mathematical, computer science, and/or robotics techniques. In the end the common trait is an intense passion for computational neuroscience, an exceptional agility with all sorts of programming, modeling, and data analysis, and an itching need to understand how the brain works.

We welcome new members at the high-school, undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral level. In most cases, short commitments (less than one year) will not be possible because of the complex nature of our projects.

Before you contact us, we would like to encourage you to go over the research and publications areas of this site, to familiarize yourself with our research focus.

Application procedure

Update December 2011: Because our lab is currently already quite full, we can currently only consider applicants who have a proven C++11 programming background under Linux (note that C or C++03 are not sufficient). Please do not apply unless you can show us example C++11 code and projects which you have already completed.

Follow this link to Apply Now! Remember that a minimum 1-year commitment is expected.

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