Neurobiology of Attention

A key property of neural processing in higher mammals is the capability to focus resources, by selectively directing attention towards the most important sensory inputs of the moment. Attention research has shown rapid growth over the past two decades, as new techniques have become available to study higher brain function in humans, non-human primates, and other mammals. Neurobiology of Attention is the first encyclopedic volume to summarize the latest developments in attention research. An authoritative collection of 111 concise articles organized into thematic sections provides both broad coverage and access to focused, up-to-date research findings. The volume presents a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary perspective on psychological, physiological and computational approaches to understanding the neurobiology of attention. Ideal for students, as a reference handbook, or for rapid browsing, the book has a wide appeal to anybody interested in attention research.

Elsevier, ISBN: 0-12-375731-2, first published January 31, 2005. Hardcover.

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