Towards Visually-Guided Neuromorphic Robots



The Beobot Chassis

The E-MAXX's merits:

High-load Factor

For the Beobot RC, we decided to use a E-MAXX Monster Truck from TRAXXAS because the truck has enough strength to carry an the entire mobile PC on top it. this includes 2 motherboards, 4 CPUs, 2 cameras, a power supply system and several batteries!


With some modifications, the truck has enough suspension to withstand bumpy roads without damaging the sensitive CPU components on top.

Can be Controlled by CPU

Most importantly, the truck has an engine that is compatible with regular servo inputs. Originally plugged to the radio box, we can instead provide servo inputs from the PC instead! Thus the navigation software can easily adjust the speed, steering and gears via the engine.

Easily Replacable Parts

Any car component that breaks down (shocks, wheels, etc) can be replaced with common RC parts found in most hobby stores. No specialist parts that cost a lot and are hard to find. This makes repairing the Beobot very easy and affordable.


This truck can simply take a beating. It can be flipped around, run through rough terrain and bang straight into a wall. This means we only have to worry about the CPUs on top.

Other Features (taken from website)

  • Twin Titan 550 motors
  • Dual Motor Drive System
  • 14.4V ESC power system
  • Shift on the fly 2-speed transmission
  • High Torque Steering Servo
  • Shaft Drive 4WD

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