Towards Visually-Guided Neuromorphic Robots



The Beobot Effectors

Serial Servo Controller

This is the servo controller (SSC) we got. The SSC acts as an interface between the Beobot computer's serial port and the servos to be controlled. We connect this to the camera servos and the R/C truck engine.


We use this to rotate many types of devices. It will mainly be used to provide pan-tilt motion to the Beobot's two cameras.

Serial Backpack

Like the SSC, this acts as a serial interface between the Beobot computer and an LCD. To use the LCD, the computer needs to just send characters through the serial port it is connected to.


It is used to display diagnostic messages about the current software state of the Beobot. It connects to the serial backpack interface above.

Firewire Camera

Connects to IEEE-1394 interface of computer. It is the eye of the Beobot. We can use two of these for stereo vision! We wrote a high-level Linux driver so the Beobot software can use it.

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