Towards Visually-Guided Neuromorphic Robots



The Beobot Power Conversion System

The Car Batteries

The car runs at 25 MPH for about 20 minutes on a standard set of two 7.2V battery packs. We will equip the beobots with four packs and several Nickel Cadmium camcorder batteries to power the on-board quad-CPU Beowulf.

The Motherboards

The Beobot needs a power conversion system to convert the battery power supply to voltages and currents suitable for our Beobot computer. We did a schematic diagram and a printed circuit board layout using the freeware version of Eagle PCB software from Cadsoft.

The final version of our infernal power conversion system is ready for fabrication. The circuit just fits within the 3x4 in maximum board size available in the freeware vesion of Eagle PCB.

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