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The USC Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) owns a human video-based eye-tracking system, installed in the Hedco Neuroscience Building, room HNB-13b. The eye-tracker is an ISCAN 240Hz video-based machine: an infrared light source illuminates the subject's right eye, and a high-speed video camera records a close-up movie of the eye; two features are tracked in real-time on the video sequence: the outline of the pupil and the specular reflection of the light source onto the cornea. The camera is mounted onto a motorized precision pan/tilt head so that optimal viewpoint can be easily obtained for every subject. This setup allows the controlling computer to compute the (x, y) coordinates of the point of fixation, but with those coordinates being in some referential that is linked to the eye camera. To obtain eye coordinates relative to the referential of the stimulus being shown to the subject, a calibration procedure is used to establish a mapping between stimulus referential and camera referential.

Control Computer Eye Camera


The Eye Tracking message boards on the iLab Forum are where all public discussion around the NGP eye tracker project is happening.
The HNB-13b Room Calendar is where you can view room occupation and reserve time for your experiments.
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The Setup

Our setup allows for the following:

HNB-13b Eye-Tracker Room Schedule

Room reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, with all reservations being made online using the calendar below. Please do not abuse and make sure that there is time for everybody to run their respective experiments. If you have posted extensive room reservations are are not present at any time during your reserved slots, you will be in trouble! Please include your email address in the reservation comments so that people can get in touch with you if any reservation conflicts arise.

To obtain a password that will allow you to post reservations onto the room's calendar, please contact Laurent Itti ( To obtain a key to room HNB-13b, please contact the Hedco Neuroscience Building front desk.

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