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Click to download PDF version Click to download BibTeX data Clik to view abstract L. Itti, C. Koch, J. Braun, A Quantitative Model Relating Visual Neuronal Activity to Psychophysical Thresholds, Neurocomputing, No. 26-27, pp. 743-748, Jun 1999. [1998 impact factor: 0.453] (Cited by 10)

Abstract: We investigate how a simple, physiologically motivated three-stage neuronal model can establish a quantitative relationship between activities in small populations of simulated early visual neurons and human psychophysical thresholds. The model consists of: First, a bank of linear filters tuned for orientation and spatial period; second, non-linear interactions between filters; and, third, a statistically efficient decision stage. The model quantitatively reproduces human thresholds for five classical pattern discrimination tasks, using a unique set of automatically determined parameters. The resulting model components are all plausible in terms of putative neuronal correlates.

Keywords: early vision ; model ; divisive inhibition ; non-linear interactions ; masking

Themes: Computational Modeling, Human Psychophysics


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