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Click to download BibTeX data Clik to view abstract P. Natarajan, T. N. Mundhenk, K. Bellman, L. Itti, M. A. Arbib, Camera localization methods for intelligent room systems using RF techniques, In: Proc. SPIE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXII: Algorithms, Techniques, and Active Vision, (D. P. Casasent, E. L. Hall, J. Roning Ed.), Vol. 5608, pp. 177-187, Bellingham, WA:SPIE Press, Oct 2004. (Cited by 5)

Abstract: One of the important components of a multi sensor intelligent room, which can observe, track and react to its occupants, is a multi camera system. This system involves the development of algorithms that enable a set of cameras to communicate and cooperate with each other effectively so that they can monitor the events happening in the room. To achieve this, the cameras typically must first build a map of their relative locations. In this paper, we discuss a novel RF based technique for estimating distances between cameras. The algorithm proposed for RF can estimate distances with relatively good accuracy even in the presence of random noise.

Themes: Computational Modeling, Computer Vision


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