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Click to download PDF version Click to download BibTeX data Clik to view abstract N. Dhavale, L. Itti, Saliency-Based Multi-Foveated MPEG Compression, In: Proc. IEEE Seventh International Symposium on Signal Processing and its Applications, Paris, France, pp. 229-232, Jul 2003. (Cited by 56)

Abstract: Most current foveation strategies are limited to foveating sequences based on a direct measurement or an implicit assumption of the gaze direction. Such approaches often fail in unconstrained environments or when necessary equipment is absent. Alternatively, a computational model of visual attention may be used to predict visually salient locations. We describe such a neurobiological model of attention and its specific application to foveated video compression. The algorithm is demonstrated to be successful in foveating to Regions Of human Interest in a variety of video segments, including synthetic as well as natural scenes, and also gives good compression ratios.

Themes: Computational Modeling, Model of Bottom-Up Saliency-Based Visual Attention, Computer Vision


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