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Click to download PDF version Click to download BibTeX data Clik to view abstract W. S. Grant, L. Itti, Saliency Mapping Enhanced by Symmetry from Local Phase, In: Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Orlando, Florida, pp. 653-656, Sep 2012. [2012 acceptance rate: 38.6%] (Cited by 2)

Abstract: We describe a method of generating saliency maps that combines symmetry with traditional contrast information. Log Gabor filtering is used to obtain local frequency information that can be used to both calculate local symmetry and edge responses. The symmetry information is combined with center-surround responses from color (either in RGB or LAB), orientation, and intensity features. The algorithm is evaluated on the Kootstra dataset and shown to significantly outperform three state-of-the-art models that utilize either contrast only or symmetry only based responses. A subjective evaluation by 13 human observers of image regions selected by 3 variants of our algorithm shows the significant benefit of including symmetry information in addition to contrast-based features.

Themes: Model of Bottom-Up Saliency-Based Visual Attention, Computational Modeling


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