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Click to download PDF version Click to download BibTeX data Clik to view abstract L. Itti, M. A. Arbib, Attention and the Minimal Subscene, In: Action to Language via the Mirror Neuron System, (M. A. Arbib Ed.), pp. 289-346, Cambridge, U.K.:Cambridge University Press, 2006. (Cited by 40)

Abstract: We describe a computational framework that explores the interaction between focal visual attention, the recognition of objects and actions, and related use of language. The framework is motivated by recent brain imaging studies showing activation of Broca's area not only in language tasks but also in tasks related to imitation and action recognition. We introduce the notion of ``minimal subscene'' as a middle ground representation, in which an agent is linked to objects or others via some action, and we examine how this notion links to low-level visual perception, on the one end, and to sentences which describe such a subscene or raise questions about the scene, on the other.

Themes: Model of Bottom-Up Saliency-Based Visual Attention, Model of Top-Down Attentional Modulation, Computational Modeling, Scene Understanding, Human Eye-Tracking Research


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