Gfx::Canvas Member List

This is the complete list of members for Gfx::Canvas, including all inherited members.

begin(VertexStyle s, const char *comment="")Gfx::Canvas
beginLineLoop(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginLines(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginLineStrip(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginPoints(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginPolygon(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginQuads(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginQuadStrip(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginTriangleFan(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginTriangles(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
beginTriangleStrip(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
bitsPerPixel() const =0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
clearColorBuffer()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
clearColorBuffer(const geom::rect< int > &screen_rect)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
dbg_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
dbg_weak_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
decr_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
decr_ref_count_no_delete() const nub::ref_counted
drawBezier4(const geom::vec3< double > &p1, const geom::vec3< double > &p2, const geom::vec3< double > &p3, const geom::vec3< double > &p4, unsigned int subdivisions)Gfx::Canvas [virtual]
drawBezierFill4(const geom::vec3< double > &center, const geom::vec3< double > &p1, const geom::vec3< double > &p2, const geom::vec3< double > &p3, const geom::vec3< double > &p4, unsigned int subdivisions)Gfx::Canvas [virtual]
drawBitmap(const media::bmap_data &data, const geom::vec3< double > &world_pos)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawBox(const geom::box< double > &box)Gfx::Canvas [virtual]
drawCircle(double inner_radius, double outer_radius, bool fill, unsigned int slices, unsigned int loops)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawCylinder(double base_radius, double top_radius, double height, int slices, int stacks, bool fill)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawNurbsCurve(const rutz::dynamic_block< float > &knots, const rutz::dynamic_block< geom::vec3< float > > &pts)Gfx::Canvas [virtual]
drawOnBackBuffer()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawOnFrontBuffer()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawPixels(const media::bmap_data &data, const geom::vec3< double > &world_pos, const geom::vec2< double > &zoom)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawRasterText(const rutz::fstring &text, const GxRasterFont &font)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawRect(const geom::rect< double > &rect)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawRect(const geom::rect< double > &rect, bool filled)Gfx::Canvas
drawSphere(double radius, int slices, int stacks, bool fill)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
drawVectorText(const rutz::fstring &text, const GxVectorFont &font)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
enableAntialiasing()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
end()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
finishDrawing()Gfx::Canvas [virtual]
flushOutput()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
get_counts() const nub::ref_counted
getScreenViewport() const =0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
grabPixels(const geom::rect< int > &bounds, media::bmap_data &data_out)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
id() const nub::object
incr_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
is_not_shareable() const nub::ref_counted
is_shared() const nub::ref_counted
is_unshared() const nub::ref_counted
isColorIndex() const =0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
isDoubleBuffered() const =0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
isRgba() const =0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
LINE_LOOP enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
LINE_STRIP enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
LINES enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
loadMatrix(const geom::txform &tx)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
Manip typedefGfx::Canvas
obj_typename() const nub::object [virtual]
object()nub::object [protected]
operator delete(void *space, size_t bytes)nub::ref_counted
operator new(size_t bytes)nub::ref_counted
orthographic(const geom::rect< double > &bounds, double zNear, double zFar)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
perspective(double fovy, double aspect, double zNear, double zFar)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
POINTS enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
POLYGON enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
popAttribs()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
popMatrix()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
pushAttribs(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
pushMatrix(const char *comment="")=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
QUAD_STRIP enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
QUADS enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
real_typename() const nub::object
rotate(const geom::vec3< double > &v, double degrees)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
scale(const geom::vec3< double > &v)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
screenBoundsFromWorldRect(const geom::rect< double > &world_pos) const Gfx::Canvas
screenFromWorld2(const geom::vec2< double > &world_pos) const Gfx::Canvas
screenFromWorld3(const geom::vec3< double > &world_pos) const =0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
setClearColor(const Gfx::RgbaColor &rgba)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
setClearColorIndex(unsigned int index)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
setColor(const Gfx::RgbaColor &rgba)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
setColorIndex(unsigned int index)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
setLineStipple(unsigned short bit_pattern=0xFFFF)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
setLineWidth(double width)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
setPointSize(double size)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
setPolygonFill(bool on)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
swapForeBack()=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
throwIfError(const char *where, const rutz::file_pos &pos) const =0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
transform(const geom::txform &tx)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
translate(const geom::vec3< double > &v)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
TRIANGLE_FAN enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
TRIANGLE_STRIP enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
TRIANGLES enum value (defined in Gfx::Canvas)Gfx::Canvas
unique_name() const nub::object
Unmanip typedefGfx::Canvas
vertex2(const geom::vec2< double > &v)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
vertex3(const geom::vec3< double > &v)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
VertexStyle enum nameGfx::Canvas
viewport(int x, int y, int w, int h)=0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
worldFromScreen3(const geom::vec3< double > &screen_pos) const =0Gfx::Canvas [pure virtual]
~Canvas()Gfx::Canvas [virtual]
~object() GVX_DTOR_NOTHROWnub::object [protected, virtual]
~ref_counted() GVX_DTOR_NOTHROWnub::ref_counted [virtual]

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