The GroovX framework


Rob Peters rjpeters at klab dot caltech dot edu
This project is an experimental application framework for designing visual psychological experiments. It is based on a model that includes, experiments, blocks, trials, graphic objects, timing handlers, and response handlers. The framework is written in C++, but most components are scriptable in Tcl.

Included is a significant new C++ API wraps around the Tcl C API to make it easy to add scriptability to new components. Rather than using preprocessing or macros to expose C++ classes to Tcl, I have tried to stay within the C++ language, using templates and inheritance to provide the meta-class information to Tcl, with very little additional code being required of client classes in order to provide this meta-level access.

Here are a few starting points into the framework:

A recent snapshot of the source code should be available here.

The software described here is Copyright (c) 1998-2005, Rob Peters.
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