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I'm a post-doc in Laurent Itti's lab (iLab) at USC. I did my Ph.D. work in Christof Koch's lab (klab) in the Computation and Neural Systems program at Caltech. For all the details, here's my CV.

Hello VSS 2007 attendees! I enjoyed meeting many of you in Sarasota this year. Here are quick links for those of you looking for my poster, as well as a related CVPR paper. Several people asked about the C++ toolkit that implements our various computational models; on the web we have general information and download information.

  • (213) 740-9223
  • rjpeters at usc dot edu
  • University of Southern California
    Hedco Neurosciences Building
    3641 Watt Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089-2520


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