Sound Member List

This is the complete list of members for Sound, including all inherited members.

class_version_id() const io::serializable [virtual]
dbg_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
dbg_weak_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
decr_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
decr_ref_count_no_delete() const nub::ref_counted
get_counts() const nub::ref_counted
getErrSound() (defined in Sound)Sound [static]
getFile() const Sound
getOkSound() (defined in Sound)Sound [static]
id() const nub::object
incr_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
is_not_shareable() const nub::ref_counted
is_shared() const nub::ref_counted
is_unshared() const nub::ref_counted
make()Sound [static]
makeFrom(const char *filename)Sound [static]
obj_typename() const nub::object [virtual]
object()nub::object [protected]
operator delete(void *space, size_t bytes)nub::ref_counted
operator new(size_t bytes)nub::ref_counted
read_from(io::reader &reader)Sound [virtual]
real_typename() const nub::object
serializable()io::serializable [protected]
setErrSound(nub::ref< Sound > err_sound) (defined in Sound)Sound [static]
setFile(const char *filename)Sound
setOkSound(nub::ref< Sound > ok_sound) (defined in Sound)Sound [static]
Sound(const char *filename=0)Sound
unique_name() const nub::object
write_to(io::writer &writer) const Sound [virtual]
~object() GVX_DTOR_NOTHROWnub::object [protected, virtual]
~ref_counted() GVX_DTOR_NOTHROWnub::ref_counted [virtual]
~serializable() GVX_DTOR_NOTHROWio::serializable [protected, virtual]
~Sound() (defined in Sound)Sound [virtual]

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