Trial Member List

This is the complete list of members for Trial, including all inherited members.

addNode(nub::ref< GxNode > item) (defined in Trial)Trial
avgResponse() const (defined in Trial)Trial
avgRespTime() const (defined in Trial)Trial
child() const FieldContainer [virtual]
CHILD_ABORTED enum value (defined in Element)Element
CHILD_OK enum value (defined in Element)Element
CHILD_REPEAT enum value (defined in Element)Element
ChildStatus enum nameElement
class_version_id() const Trial [virtual]
classFields() (defined in Trial)Trial [static]
clearObjs() (defined in Trial)Trial
clearResponses() (defined in Trial)Trial
dbg_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
dbg_weak_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
decr_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
decr_ref_count_no_delete() const nub::ref_counted
field(const rutz::fstring &name) const FieldContainer
FieldContainer(nub::signal0 *sig)FieldContainer
fields() const FieldContainer [inline]
get_counts() const nub::ref_counted
getCorrectResponse() const (defined in Trial)Trial
getCurrentNode() const (defined in Trial)Trial
getResponseHandler() const (defined in Trial)Trial
getTimingHdlr() const (defined in Trial)Trial
getWidget() const Trial [virtual]
id() const nub::object
incr_ref_count() const nub::ref_counted
is_not_shareable() const nub::ref_counted
is_shared() const nub::ref_counted
is_unshared() const nub::ref_counted
itsSignal (defined in FieldContainer)FieldContainer
lastResponse() const Trial [virtual]
make() (defined in Trial)Trial [static]
nodes() const Trial
numResponses() const (defined in Trial)Trial
obj_typename() const nub::object [virtual]
object()nub::object [protected]
operator delete(void *space, size_t bytes)nub::ref_counted
operator new(size_t bytes)nub::ref_counted
read_from(io::reader &reader)Trial [virtual]
readFieldsFrom(io::reader &reader, const FieldMap &fields)FieldContainer
real_typename() const nub::object
responses() const (defined in Trial)Trial
serializable()io::serializable [protected]
setCorrectResponse(int response) (defined in Trial)Trial
setCurrentNode(unsigned int nodeNumber) (defined in Trial)Trial
setFieldMap(const FieldMap &fields)FieldContainer
setInfo(rutz::fstring info)Trial
setResponseHandler(nub::ref< ResponseHandler > rh) (defined in Trial)Trial
setTimingHdlr(nub::ref< TimingHdlr > th) (defined in Trial)Trial
setType(int t) (defined in Trial)Trial
stdInfo() const Trial
touch() const FieldContainer
trAbortTrial() (defined in Trial)Trial
tracerTrial [static]
trAllowResponses() (defined in Trial)Trial
trClearBuffer() (defined in Trial)Trial
trDenyResponses() (defined in Trial)Trial
trDraw() (defined in Trial)Trial
trElapsedMsec() (defined in Trial)Trial
trEndTrial() (defined in Trial)Trial
trFinishDrawing() (defined in Trial)Trial
Trial() (defined in Trial)Trial [protected]
trialType() const Trial [virtual]
trNextNode() (defined in Trial)Trial
trProcessResponse(Response &response) (defined in Trial)Trial
trRender() (defined in Trial)Trial
trRenderBack() (defined in Trial)Trial
trRenderFront() (defined in Trial)Trial
trSwapBuffers() (defined in Trial)Trial
trUndraw() (defined in Trial)Trial
unique_name() const nub::object
vxEndTrialHook()Element [virtual]
vxHalt() const Trial [virtual]
vxInfo() const Trial [virtual]
vxReset()Trial [virtual]
vxReturn(ChildStatus s)Trial [virtual]
vxRun(Element &parent)Trial [virtual]
vxUndo()Trial [virtual]
write_to(io::writer &writer) const Trial [virtual]
writeFieldsTo(io::writer &writer, const FieldMap &fields, io::version_id svid) const FieldContainer
~Element()Element [virtual]
~FieldContainer()FieldContainer [virtual]
~object() GVX_DTOR_NOTHROWnub::object [protected, virtual]
~ref_counted() GVX_DTOR_NOTHROWnub::ref_counted [virtual]
~serializable() GVX_DTOR_NOTHROWio::serializable [protected, virtual]
~Trial() (defined in Trial)Trial [virtual]

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