data_block Member List

This is the complete list of members for data_block, including all inherited members.

data() const data_block [inline]
data_block(double *data, unsigned int len)data_block [protected]
data_nc()data_block [inline]
decr_refcount()data_block [inline]
incr_refcount()data_block [inline]
is_unique() const =0data_block [pure virtual]
length() const data_block [inline]
m_lengthdata_block [protected]
m_storagedata_block [protected]
make(double *data, int mrows, int ncols, mtx_policies::storage_policy s) (defined in data_block)data_block [static]
make(int mrows, int ncols, mtx_policies::init_policy p) (defined in data_block)data_block [static]
make_borrowed(double *data, int data_length)data_block [static]
make_data_copy(const double *data, int data_length)data_block [static]
make_referred(double *data, int data_length)data_block [static]
make_uninitialized(int length)data_block [static]
make_unique(data_block *&rep)data_block [static]
make_zeros(int length)data_block [static]
operator delete(void *space)data_block [protected]
operator new(size_t bytes)data_block [protected]
refcount() const data_block [inline, protected]
~data_block()data_block [protected, virtual]

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