rutz::factory< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for rutz::factory< T >, including all inherited members.

base_t typedef (defined in rutz::factory< T >)rutz::factory< T >
factory(const char *keydescr="object type", bool nocase=false)rutz::factory< T > [inline]
fallback_t typedef (defined in rutz::factory< T >)rutz::factory< T >
find_creator(const rutz::fstring &key) const rutz::factory< T > [inline, protected]
get_known_keys(const char *sep) const rutz::factory< T > [inline]
is_valid_key(const char *key) const rutz::factory< T > [inline]
new_checked_object(const rutz::fstring &type) const rutz::factory< T > [inline]
new_object(const rutz::fstring &type) const rutz::factory< T > [inline]
register_alias(const char *orig_key, const char *alias_key)rutz::factory< T > [inline]
register_creator(rutz::creator_base< base_t > *creator, const char *name)rutz::factory< T > [inline]
register_creator(derived_t(*func)(), const char *key=0)rutz::factory< T > [inline]
set_fallback(rutz::shared_ptr< factory_fallback > f)rutz::factory< T > [inline]
set_fallback(fallback_t *fptr)rutz::factory< T > [inline]
~factory()rutz::factory< T > [inline, virtual]

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