src Directory Reference



directory  geom
 geometric primitives: points, vectors, boxes, coordinate transformations
directory  gfx
 graphic object scenes, rendered in OpenGL or PostScript
directory  groovx
 main() code for the groovx script interpreter application
directory  io
 base class for serializable objects, plus reader+writer classes
directory  media
 audio and visual media types: images and sounds
directory  mtx
directory  nub
 ref-counted base object class, plus an id<->object database
directory  pkgs
 dynamically-loadable tcl packages
directory  rutz
 basic utilities: strings, smart pointers, containers, debugging, tracing, profiling, i/o
directory  tcl
 core components for exposing c++ objects/functions to a tcl script interpreter
directory  tcl-gfx
 tcl facilities for gfx package
directory  tcl-io
 tcl facilities for io package
directory  tk
 c++ wrappers of tk toolkit functionality
directory  visx
 classes for visual psychophysics experiments: stimuli, trials, blocks

The software described here is Copyright (c) 1998-2005, Rob Peters.
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