nub::ref_counts Struct Reference

#include <nub/refcounted.h>

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Public Member Functions

void * operator new (size_t bytes)
void operator delete (void *space, size_t bytes)
bool is_owner_alive () const throw ()
void acquire_weak () throw ()
int release_weak () throw ()
void debug_dump () const throw ()


class nub::ref_counted

Detailed Description

nub::ref_counts manages strong+weak reference counts for nub::ref_counted objects. Its main purpose is to allow weak ref-counting; a client who wants to do weak ref-counting can get a hold of the nub::ref_counted object's nub::ref_counts, and then check whether is_owner_alive() to know whether the nub::ref_counted object is still valid. This technique is implemented by nub::soft_ref. The nub::ref_counts object will delete itself when both its strong and weak counts go to 0.

Definition at line 72 of file refcounted.h.

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