rutz::shared_ptr_aux Namespace Reference


typedef void( ptr_check_function )(const void *)
 Function type for checking whether a given pointer is allowed to be used in a shared_ptr.


rutz::shared_ptr_aux::ptr_check_functionset_check_function (ptr_check_function *func)
 Install a particular pointer-checking function.
void check_ptr (const void *p)
 Call the current ptr_check_function, if it is non-null, otherwise do nothing.

Function Documentation

ptr_check_function * rutz::shared_ptr_aux::set_check_function ( ptr_check_function *  func  ) 

Install a particular pointer-checking function.

The ptr_check_function is expected to abort or throw an exception if it is passed a pointer that it considers invalid, otherwise it does nothing. set_check_function() returns a pointer to the previously-installed checking function, so that it is possible to save and later restore the previous value.

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