vec2.h File Reference

#include "geom/geom.h"
#include <cmath>
#include "rutz/debug.h"

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namespace  geom


class  geom::vec2< V >
 Gfx::vec2 is a 2-D vector class for representing 2-D points or distances. More...


typedef vec2< int > geom::vec2i
typedef vec2< float > geom::vec2f
typedef vec2< double > geom::vec2d


template<class U>
vec2< U > geom::normal_to (const vec2< U > &a)
template<class U>
vec2< U > geom::make_unit_length (const vec2< U > &a)

Detailed Description

2-D geometric vector/point

Definition in file vec2.h.

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