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namespace  rutz
namespace  rutz::debug


#define GVX_ABORT(message)   rutz::debug::abort_aux(message, __FILE__, __LINE__)
 Print a message and then abort().


void rutz::debug::abort_aux (const char *what, const char *where, int line_no) throw ()
 Helper function called frmo the GVX_ABORT() macro.

Detailed Description

low-level GVX_ABORT macro

Definition in file abort.h.

Define Documentation

#define GVX_ABORT ( message   )     rutz::debug::abort_aux(message, __FILE__, __LINE__)

Print a message and then abort().

You probably want to use GVX_PANIC() instead of this macro, GVX_PANIC() will also print a rutz::backtrace if there is one available. However, for truly low-level code that needs to avoid a dependency on rutz::backtrace, there is this bare-bones GVX_ABORT() depends on nothing except std library code.

Definition at line 48 of file abort.h.

Referenced by rutz::backtrace::current(), rutz::mutex_lock_class::mutex_lock_class(), and rutz::prof::print_prof_data().

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