GxRasterFont Class Reference

Builds an OpenGL raster font from an X11 font. More...

#include <gfx/gxrasterfont.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual const char * fontName () const =0
 Get the string name of the font.
virtual unsigned int listBase () const =0
 Get an OpenGL display list for rendering the font.
virtual void bboxOf (const char *text, Gfx::Bbox &bbox) const =0
 Get the bounding box of a piece of text rendered with this font.
virtual void drawText (const char *text, Gfx::Canvas &canvas) const =0
 Draw the given text on the canvas.
virtual int rasterHeight () const =0
 Return the line height of the font, in screen coords (i.e., pixels).

Detailed Description

Builds an OpenGL raster font from an X11 font.

Definition at line 41 of file gxrasterfont.h.

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