mtx_base< Data > Class Template Reference

mtx_base class has shared infrastructure for mtx and sub_mtx_ref More...

#include <mtx/mtx.h>

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Public Types

typedef index_iterator_base
< mtx_base, double > 
typedef index_iterator_base
< const mtx_base, const double > 
typedef colmaj_iterator_base
< double > 
typedef colmaj_iterator_base
< const double > 
typedef rowmaj_iterator_base
< double > 
typedef rowmaj_iterator_base
< const double > 
enum  init_policy { ZEROS, NO_INIT }
enum  storage_policy { COPY, BORROW, REFER }

Public Member Functions

const mtx_shapeshape () const
const mtx_specsspecs () const
const double & at (int i) const
double & at_nc (int i)
template<class F>
void apply (F func)
iterator begin_nc ()
iterator end_nc ()
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
colmaj_iter colmaj_begin_nc ()
colmaj_iter colmaj_end_nc ()
const_colmaj_iter colmaj_begin () const
const_colmaj_iter colmaj_end () const
rowmaj_iter rowmaj_begin_nc ()
rowmaj_iter rowmaj_end_nc ()
const_rowmaj_iter rowmaj_begin () const
const_rowmaj_iter rowmaj_end () const
void clear (double x=0.0)
void swap (mtx_specs &other)
mtx_specs as_shape (const mtx_shape &s) const
mtx_specs as_shape (int mr, int nc) const
void select_rows (const row_index_range &rng)
void select_cols (const col_index_range &rng)
mtx_specs sub_rows (const row_index_range &rng) const
mtx_specs sub_cols (const col_index_range &rng) const
ptrdiff_t offset () const
int max_dim () const
int nelems () const
int mrows () const
int rowstride () const
int ncols () const
int colstride () const
unsigned int rowgap () const
int offset_from_start (int row, int col) const
int offset_from_start (int elem) const
int offset_from_storage (int elem) const

Protected Member Functions

void swap (mtx_base &other)
 mtx_base (const mtx_base &other)
 mtx_base (int mrows, int ncols, const Data &data)
 mtx_base (const mtx_specs &specs, const Data &data)
ptrdiff_t offset_from_storage (int r, int c) const
double * address_nc (int row, int col)
const double * address (int row, int col) const
ptrdiff_t end_offset_from_storage (int r, int c) const
double * end_address_nc (int row, int col)
const double * end_address (int row, int col) const
const double * storage () const
double * storage_nc ()

Protected Attributes

Data m_data

Detailed Description

template<class Data>
class mtx_base< Data >

mtx_base class has shared infrastructure for mtx and sub_mtx_ref

Definition at line 656 of file mtx.h.

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