nub::invalid_uid_error Member List

This is the complete list of members for nub::invalid_uid_error, including all inherited members.

error(const rutz::file_pos &pos)rutz::error
error(const rutz::fstring &msg, const rutz::file_pos &pos)rutz::error
error(const error &other)rutz::error
get_backtrace() const rutz::error [inline]
get_last_backtrace(rutz::backtrace &dst)rutz::error [static]
get_msg() const rutz::error [inline, protected]
invalid_uid_error(nub::uid id, const rutz::file_pos &pos)nub::invalid_uid_error
set_msg(const rutz::fstring &new_msg)rutz::error [inline, protected]
src_pos() const rutz::error [inline]
what() const rutz::error [virtual]
~error()rutz::error [virtual]
~invalid_uid_error()nub::invalid_uid_error [virtual]

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