nub::invalid_uid_error Class Reference

#include <nub/objdb.h>

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Public Member Functions

 invalid_uid_error (nub::uid id, const rutz::file_pos &pos)
virtual ~invalid_uid_error () throw ()
 Virtual destructor.
virtual const char * what () const throw ()
 Get the decorated error message as a C-style string.
const rutz::file_possrc_pos () const throw ()
 Get the source file position where the error was generated.
const rutz::backtraceget_backtrace () const throw ()
 Get the stack back trace associated with this exception.

Static Public Member Functions

static void get_last_backtrace (rutz::backtrace &dst)
 Copy out the back trace most recently used in constructing a rutz::error.

Protected Member Functions

void set_msg (const rutz::fstring &new_msg) throw ()
 Reset the error message.
const rutz::fstringget_msg () const throw ()
 Get the (un-decorated) error message.

Detailed Description

nub::invalid_uid_error is an exception class that will be thrown from objectdb if an attempt to use an invalid id is made in a checked function.

Definition at line 60 of file objdb.h.

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