rutz::prof Member List

This is the complete list of members for rutz::prof, including all inherited members.

add_child_time(const rutz::time &t) (defined in rutz::prof)rutz::prof
add_time(const rutz::time &t) (defined in rutz::prof)rutz::prof
avg_self_time() const rutz::prof
context_name() const (defined in rutz::prof)rutz::prof
count() const rutz::prof
get_now_time(timing_mode mode)rutz::prof [inline, static]
get_timing_mode()rutz::prof [inline, static]
print_all_prof_data(FILE *f)rutz::prof [static]
print_all_prof_data(std::ostream &os)rutz::prof [static]
print_at_exit(bool yes_or_no)rutz::prof [static]
print_prof_data(FILE *f) const rutz::prof
print_prof_data(std::ostream &os) const rutz::prof
prof(const char *s, const char *fname, int lineno) (defined in rutz::prof)rutz::prof
prof_summary_file_name(const char *fname)rutz::prof [static]
reset_all_prof_data()rutz::prof [static]
RUSAGE enum valuerutz::prof
self_time() const rutz::prof
set_timing_mode(timing_mode mode)rutz::prof [inline, static]
src_file_name() const (defined in rutz::prof)rutz::prof
src_line_no() const (defined in rutz::prof)rutz::prof
timing_mode enum namerutz::prof
total_time() const rutz::prof
WALLCLOCK enum valuerutz::prof
~prof() (defined in rutz::prof)rutz::prof

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