tcl::obj Class Reference

#include <tcl/obj.h>

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Public Member Functions

 obj ()
 Default constructor with a shared and empty Tcl_Obj*.
 obj (Tcl_Obj *obj)
 Construct with a Tcl_Obj*.
 ~obj ()
 obj (const obj &x)
 Copy constructor.
objoperator= (const obj &x)
 Assignment operator from obj.
objoperator= (Tcl_Obj *x)
 Assignment operator from Tcl_Obj*.
Tcl_Obj * get () const
void append (const tcl::obj &other)
bool is_shared () const
bool is_unique () const
void make_unique () const
const char * tcltype_name () const

Detailed Description

This class acts as a reference counted smart pointer to Tcl_Obj. It manages the reference count of a held Tcl_Obj*, and also defines a conversion operator back to Tcl_Obj* in order to provide access to Tcl_Obj's interface.

Definition at line 56 of file obj.h.

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