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Public Member Functions

 vec_dispatcher (unsigned int key_argn)
virtual void dispatch (tcl::interpreter &interp, unsigned int objc, Tcl_Obj *const objv[], tcl::function &callback)

Detailed Description

tcl::vec_dispatcher reimplements dispatch() to use a specialized tcl::call_context class that treats each of the arguments as lists, and provide access to slices across those lists, thus allowing "vectorized" command invocations.

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Member Function Documentation

void tcl::vec_dispatcher::dispatch ( tcl::interpreter interp,
unsigned int  objc,
Tcl_Obj *const   objv[],
tcl::function callback 
) [virtual]

Interprets the Tcl_Obj* arguments, sets up an appropriate tcl::call_context, and calls invoke() on the cmd with that context.

Implements tcl::arg_dispatcher.

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References tcl::list::get_obj_list_length(), and tcl::function::invoke().

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