GlxOpts Struct Reference

Setup options for controlling the OpenGL-windowsystem interface. More...

#include <gfx/glxopts.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GlxOpts ()
 Construct with default values.

Public Attributes

bool rgbaFlag
 whether to use RGBA-mode
int rgbaRed
 red bit-depth in RGBA-mode
int rgbaGreen
 green bit-depth in RGBA-mode
int rgbaBlue
 blue bit-depth in RGBA-mode
bool alphaFlag
 whether to request an alpha layer
int alphaSize
 alpha bit-depth in RGBA-mode
int colorIndexSize
 bit-depth in color-index mode
bool doubleFlag
 whether to request double-buffering
bool depthFlag
 whether to request a depth buffer
int depthSize
 bit-depth of depth buffer
bool accumFlag
 whether to request an accum buffer
int accumRed
 red bit-depth of accum buffer
int accumGreen
 green bit-depth of accum buffer
int accumBlue
 blue bit-depth of accum buffer
int accumAlpha
 alpha bit-depth of accum buffer
bool stencilFlag
 whether to request a stencil buffer
int stencilSize
 bit-depth of stencil buffer
int auxNumber
 number of aux buffers to request
bool indirect
 whether to request an indirect rendering context
int level
 stacking level of GL context
bool transparent
 whether to request transparency

Detailed Description

Setup options for controlling the OpenGL-windowsystem interface.

Definition at line 39 of file glxopts.h.

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