rutz::static_block< T, N > Struct Template Reference

A simple wrapper around a C-style array. More...

#include <rutz/arrays.h>

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Public Types

typedef T value_type
 STL value type.
typedef T * pointer
 STL pointer type.
typedef const T * const_pointer
 STL const pointer type.
typedef T & reference
 STL reference type.
typedef const T & const_reference
 STL const reference type.
typedef pointer iterator
 STL iterator type.
typedef const_pointer const_iterator
 STL const iterator type.
typedef size_t size_type
 STL size type.
typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type
 STL iterator difference type.

Public Member Functions

iterator begin ()
 Iterator to array start.
iterator end ()
 Iterator to array one-past-the-end.
const_iterator begin () const
 Const iterator to array start.
const_iterator end () const
 Const iterator to array one-past-the-end.
reference operator[] (size_type n)
 Unchecked non-const array index.
const_reference operator[] (size_type n) const
 Unchecked const array index.
reference at (size_type n)
 Checked non-const array index (rutz::out_of_range on bounds error).
const_reference at (size_type n) const
 Checked const array index (rutz::out_of_range on bounds error).
size_type size () const
 Size of array.
size_type max_size () const
 Maximum size of array type.
bool is_empty () const
 Query whether size is zero.
void swap (static_block &other)
 Swap data with another array.

Public Attributes

data [N]

Detailed Description

template<class T, size_t N>
struct rutz::static_block< T, N >

A simple wrapper around a C-style array.

static_block provides an STL-style container interface, including both checked and unchecked access, as well as access to the container's size with the size() member function.

Definition at line 87 of file arrays.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T, size_t N>
void rutz::static_block< T, N >::swap ( static_block< T, N > &  other  )  [inline]

Swap data with another array.

This requires an element-by-element swap.

Definition at line 141 of file arrays.h.

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