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#include "tcl/tclpkg-dlist.h"
#include "tcl/list.h"
#include "tcl/pkg.h"
#include "rutz/algo.h"
#include "rutz/arrays.h"
#include "rutz/error.h"
#include "rutz/rand.h"
#include "rutz/trace.h"
#include "rutz/debug.h"
#include <algorithm>
#include <cmath>

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namespace  Dlist


template<class Itr>
double GVX_DBG_REGISTER::perm_distance_aux (Itr itr, Itr end)
template<class Itr>
double GVX_DBG_REGISTER::perm_distance2_aux (Itr itr, Itr end, double power)
tcl::list Dlist::choose (tcl::list source_list, tcl::list index_list)
tcl::list Dlist::cycle_left (tcl::list source_list, unsigned int n)
tcl::list Dlist::cycle_right (tcl::list source_list, unsigned int n)
tcl::obj Dlist::index (tcl::list source_list, unsigned int n)
tcl::list Dlist::not_ (tcl::list source_list)
tcl::list Dlist::ones (unsigned int num_ones)
tcl::obj Dlist::pickone (tcl::list source_list)
tcl::list Dlist::range (int begin, int end, int step)
tcl::list Dlist::linspace (double begin, double end, unsigned int npts)
double Dlist::perm_distance (tcl::list src)
double Dlist::perm_distance2 (tcl::list src, double power)
tcl::list Dlist::permute_maximal (unsigned int N)
tcl::list Dlist::permute_moveall (unsigned int N)
tcl::list Dlist::rand (double min, double max, unsigned int N)
tcl::list Dlist::repeat (tcl::list source_list, tcl::list times_list)
tcl::list Dlist::reverse (tcl::list src)
tcl::list Dlist::select (tcl::list source_list, tcl::list flags_list)
tcl::list Dlist::shuffle (tcl::list src, int seed)
tcl::list Dlist::shuffle_moveall (tcl::list src)
tcl::list Dlist::shuffle_maximal (tcl::list src)
tcl::list Dlist::slice (tcl::list src, unsigned int slice)
tcl::obj Dlist::sum (tcl::list source_list)
tcl::list Dlist::zeros (unsigned int num_zeros)
int Dlist_Init (Tcl_Interp *interp)

Detailed Description

tcl interface package for extended list-manipulation functions

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