GlxWrapper Class Reference

Wraps the GLXContext mechanism. More...

#include <gfx/glxwrapper.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~GlxWrapper ()
virtual bool isDirect () const
 Query whether rendering context has direct access to the hardware.
virtual bool isDoubleBuffered () const
 Query whether the rendering context is double-buffered.
virtual unsigned int bitsPerPixel () const
 Get the bit depth of the draw buffer(s).
virtual void makeCurrent ()
 Make our rendering context the current active one.
virtual void onReshape (int width, int height)
 Should be called when the corresponding window's geometry is changed.
virtual void swapBuffers () const
 Swaps buffers if in double-buffering mode.
void bindWindow (Window win)
 Bind to a given X window.
Display * display () const
 Get the associated X11 Display.
Window window () const
 Get the currently associated X11 Window.
GLXContext context () const
 Get the associated GLXContext.
XVisualInfo * visInfo () const
 Get the associated X11 XVisualInfo.

Static Public Member Functions

static GlxWrappermake (Display *dpy, GlxOpts &opts, GlxWrapper *share=0)
 Factory function.

Detailed Description

Wraps the GLXContext mechanism.

Definition at line 46 of file glxwrapper.h.

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